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Programming Techniques:
How to make a new style CHM help file

Run Windows application in background or as a service 
Multi Thread Programming in C++ Builder and Delphi
Run Windows Application as a Windows NT Service Program
Shutting down a Windows NT/2000 ( C++ Builder and Delphi )
C++ Builder and Delphi Registry , Part I, Reading
C++ Builder and Delphi Registry , Part II, Writing and Updating


FireStorm/DAO Java Persistence Code Generator
Choosing between Borland Products

Powerful operating system, free rich development tools
Delphi and C++ Builder for "Linux" !

Web Programming:
PHP4: Normal and OOP programming. A Performance Comparison
Cgi and Cgi-bin , What are they ? A sample program
Start Perl CGI now! Part I - What's CGI and Hello world!
Start Perl CGI now!, Part II - Variable types in Perl Language
Start Perl CGI now! Part III - Files and File Operations
Start Perl CGI now!,  Part 4 - File Operations Examples
System CGI Prog. in Windows,Change Password CGI program

Jump into PHP and MySQL web programming - Part I

Start Programming in ASP, Part I - Your first ASP program

Network Programming:
Sending Broadcasts with VB and C++Builder App
Small TCP/IP Hello server with VB 6.0
Small TCP/IP Hello Client Software with VB 6.0
TCP/IP Client/Server software on Unix and Linux (Hello Client)
TCP/IP Client/Server software on Unix and Linux, Part II, Server Software