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 Choosing between Borland Products
Date: Oct 15 2000 
Subject: Online Programmer Ezine, Volume 1, No.1
Article:  Choosing between Borland Products

What do you think about Borland Delphi and C++Builder . How 
about different versions? Did Borland (Inprise) better in 
new versions. In this short article I show you results of 
my tests on these compilers. Tests are done on a Celeron 500
with 128MB RAM on a PC100 motherboard.

Test program contains VCL Objects, Thread, Loop and other 
tests. I do not promise that these tests are 100% correct but
they are good to have a general seen of their quality and 
changes from one version to another.

I have written Delphi and C++ Builder codes so that they are
as near as possible (line by line) to each other.

                   Win2000 Pro.  Win NT4Srv.   Win 98 Sec.    Code
C++ Builder 4     2008            2017              2198             409K
C++ Builder 5     1092            1100              1156             426K
Delphi 4              849              989               1072             343K
Delphi 5              2016            2020              2193             355K

* Higher numbers show better results (all compiled static.
Delphi and C++ builder programs are only recompiled using higher 
Version )

Results show that Delphi 5 is very better than Delphi 4 but
newer version of C++ builder is very slow. Everyone understands
the need for a good C++ RAD environment but this one makes 
very slow programs.

In other tests that I performed, C++Builder had bad results 
in many cases. I personally do not use it for critical 
purposes and big applications. C Builder console programs 
were about 10-50 times slower than DOS version (I compiled 
exact program with BC31 and C++Builder 4). Also I saw a lot 
of bugs and errors in C++Builder 4 (I have not worked much 
with C++Builder 5 when I write this). 

Delphi is very better in these cases . So however I am 
a C programmer (Unix, Linux, VC++ ) I prefer Delphi for 
my RAD works .I will publish test results on other compilers

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