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How to make a new style CHM help file
Date: Oct 15 2000 
Subject: Online Programmer Ezine, Volume 1, No.1
Article: How to make a new style CHM help file

Here we will see the steps you must follow to make a .chm 
help file.

1-You must be able to make .html web pages as a prerequisite.
I n fact chm files are compiled HTML files. Each chm file 
contains one or more html pages compiled in the form of a 
single compressed file.

Chm files are Win98 and 2000 native help files. Therefore if
you double-click on them in Windows explorer they will be
automatically opened by windows.

Chm files are very small in comparison with other technologies,
is more suitable for long reading and are easier to search and

For this purpose you must learn html web page design or simply
use software like MS-FrontPage etc to make html files.
There is a free "Html web design course" at LearningOnline 
homepage. To enroll in this course go to:

2- After designing help files in html format you must install
HTML Help Workshop software from Visual Studio 6.0 CD1. It is 
in "Htmlhelp" directory on your CD. You can also find it on 
Microsoft's website.

3- Install the software and run program. 

4- Now you must make a new project  (File -> New).
Do not choose the box "convert winhelp project" and press next.
Then choose a directory for your help project and enter a name
for your help project and then press next again. If you have
made html files before starting this; you can show it to 
program. In this way they will be included in your project. 
Otherwise an empty project will be made and you must add help 
pages after they are designed.

5-Now use the left toolbar buttons to add or remove topics 
(help page items organized in separate html pages) to 

6- Now press compile from Up Toolbar. Your CHM help file will
be ready in seconds.

7-If you need more help or you have any questions about this 
subject or any other programming subject you can ask your 
questions in our Support and Programming Forums at 

8-You can also find Html Workshop on Microsoft website.

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