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Delphi and C++ Builder for "Linux" 
Date: Dec 01 2000
Subject: Online Programmer Ezine, Volume 1, No.3
Article: Delphi and C++ Builder for "Linux" !

On September of 1999 Borland announced a new development
environment for Linux platform . 'Kylix' will support C, 
C++ and Delphi codes. 

Kylix is a component based development environment that is
suitable for GUI, database, Internet and client/server

It will use CLX Objects. These objects will be compatible 
with VCL objects used in Delphi and C++ Builder in windows.

Applications developed by Kylix will run on KDE, GNOME and
any other Linux desktop.

Linux is a fast growing new market. Many programmers are 
considering this new market. Kylix is the best choice 
for rapid development in this environment.

At the time being Kylix is not available for public but you
can plan porting your Delphi and C++ Builder applications to
Linux environment using Kylix.

To be sure that you will be able to port your applications 
you must consider some points : 

1- Kylix uses VCL compatible objects . If you use VCL 
objects your code will be ported to Kylix easier. Also Avoid 
using windows API direct calls.

2- Do not use windows specific objects and features such as
COM objects, ActiveX, OLE and etc.

3- Linux uses Apache web server. Apache supports CGI and 
Fast-CGI and Apache API. Kylix will have a lot of facilities
for your Internet applications on Apache.

4- Do not use TASM assembly code. Linux has its own GNU 
assembler called 'as'.

Taking above points in mind will make moving to Linux 
environment easier.

If you need more information about Kylix you can go to 
Borland website. 


They have a special website for Kylix now.

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