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BeOS, New powerful operating system with rich development tools  for free
Date: Nov 01 2000
Subject: Online Programmer Ezine, Volume 1, No.2
Article: BeOS, New powerful operating system with rich development tools  for free

Recently I downloaded Free Personal Edition of BeOS 
(Be Operating system). I also downloaded development tools.
In this short article I will try to introduce it to people 
who have not worked with it yet.

There are two copies of Personal edition.One is for 
installation under Linux operating system and the other for 
installation under windows. After installation BeOS is not 
much dependent to these operating systems. Professional 
edition of BeOS even does not need these two environments 
for it's operation. It will boot by itself like Unix or 
windows. Personal edition uses these OS environments as a 
base for its own file system that consists of only one file
500M in size.

It's why they call it an Operating system in a file. All 
files and applications reside inside this file and make a 
complete file system. Inside BeOS you do not even know that 
it's just a file. As this file is 500M maximum size of 
Personal edition File system is 500M. But do not worry. 
BeOS mounts all main kinds of partitions easily.

For example it saw my fat16,fat32 and Linux ext2 file systems
and I was able to work with them like it's own file system. 
I even installed a software on my fat32 partition.

I tried windows installation version. It was very quick and 
straight. It took me less than 10 minutes to have it up. It 
was a very beautiful and professional looking environment 
with something like windows 2000. By the way it asked only 
a few questions. Most important is that It is more than 4 
times to 5 times faster than windows 2000 and windows 98.

As soon as you click on some icon it's running. I was very 
surprised by it's speed. It's even faster than Linux X11
X window system with different window managers. It was really 
stable too. 

It was only after 20 seconds after the time I taught about 
dialing my ISP that I was ready to press dial button. It 
contains a lot of multimedia (11 apps) and internet (5 apps) 
applications ready for running. It also contains a beautiful 
internet browser. 

I also downloaded a lot of software's from :

 http://www.bebits.com and http://www.downloads.com .

They include about 400M of programming languages, IDEs and 
tools and also internet, game and other entertainment 
applications. As it seems they at Be.com has wanted this OS
to be a very powerful environment for  internet, multimedia 
and gaming purposes.

Programming kit includes network, game and windowing toolboxes.
You can download a Basic programming language with an IDE 
like MS Visual basic.

I must confirm that BeOS contains some bugs and weaknesses but
it has done its first steps better than its successors. 
I downloaded it and I will continue to use and develop 
applications for it. 

I wish it will be enough powerful and widely used very soon 
because it worth's it. Go on ! you test it too.

Home of BeOS is Be corporation at :

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